bringing technology together

tm stagetec systems knows audio and offers products and services to suit Worship spaces of every size.


The audio industry is constantly evolving and changing and tm stagetec systems has an ever-evolving range of products and services to meet even the most customised of needs in Worship spaces.

From small boutique set-ups to full scale installations in vast spaces, tm stagetec systems has the experience and knowledge to customise technology to suit. Our aim is to ensure that our clients get the most out of the technology that is available and optimise the acoustics in the Worship space.


Plane Array™ speaker system with 3D wavefront computer control


Specialists in design of digital audio technology for pro-audio


Audio & Acoustic

Our company offers the very best in Acoustic Services with a vast array of expertise and industry knowledge. Services include; manufacturing, system design, system integration and support services. Our highly-trained staff can assist your business to perform at its best.

ICT and Infrastructure

The end-to-end infrastructure and networking solutions and services we provide are revolutionary. We work within many different sectors including, stage and theatre, broadcast, enterprise networking, public address, passenger information for transportation and communication systems.

Systems Integration

With a passion not just for technology, but for using technology to its full potential, our company’s aim is to offer businesses fully integrated networks and systems that meet specific business needs. All elements of our system designs work in harmony and make workflow within a business smooth and consistent.

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