Stagetec TrueMatch® Celebrates a Milestone

Posted on December 3rd, 2016

Stagetec not only has large-scale equipment such as audio mixing consoles and routing systems in its portfolio, it also offers a technology that is celebrating a spectacular milestone. The patented TrueMatch® technology is now in use as an analogue frontend in the NEXUS audio routing system in more than 100,000 channels worldwide. It is a high-end A/D converter that, for the first time ever, eliminates the need for analogue microphone preamplifiers, due to its dynamic range of 158 dB (A).


TrueMatch® technology features outstanding analogue circuit design and modern DSP technology that combine to form the basis for this reference converter. Impressive attributes such as, minimal converter errors, very low harmonic distortion, homogeneous noise spectra and substantially improved aliasing suppression have helped TrueMatch® technology to come to be considered by experts as one of the best converters in the world.

The microphone converter guarantees precise sound reproduction and achieves a resolution of up to 32-bits and a dynamic range of 158 dB (A) at sampling frequencies up to 96 kHz. The converter technology has a lower digital noise floor than the thermal self-noise of any microphone. The technology also has the advantage that only the microphone determines the acoustic characteristics and not the converter or an analogue microphone preamplifier.

TrueMatch RMC

The TrueMatch® converter is available in two versions. As an analogue front end in the NEXUS audio routing system, the Stagetec A/D converters (XAD+, XAD) and the microphone board (XMIC+, XMAD) are equipped with TrueMatch® converters. The second version is the self-sufficient RMC (Reference Microphone Converter). Microphones are connected directly to the RMC.

Stagetec received a much coveted Emmy® Award for its NEXUS system in 2010, in part due to the pioneering TrueMatch® technology. The award committee pin-pointed the natural and faithful signal conversion from analogue into digital that the NEXUS system offered as one of the major factors in being presented the prestigious award.


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