IP signal management is the future.

IP must ultimately be intuitive and reliable – yet be completely flexible.

Based on this conviction, five industry leaders teamed up to develop STAGENET – a revolutionary solution, where you don’t have to be a network expert to work easily with IP signals.

Our system is super-easy to use via an intuitive web interface. It configures both the end devices and the switches automatically, monitors their status, and displays possible sources of error in a very clear and understandable way.

STAGENET has been developed for people like you and sets the standards for a completely new IP signal management user experience.

Meet the challenges of today’s AV signal management

STAGENET is a new AV over IP signal management solution, made for people like you!


STAGENET works easily during set-up and operation and is flexible enough for allowing changes even at short notice.


STAGENET puts the user in the center, so that you can use your time for an even better production.

Open Standards

STAGENET is a reliable solution that is future-oriented and based on open standards, which you can trust 100%.

STAGENET is a new and easy-to-use control software via an intuitive web interface to manage and monitor audio/video signals in IT networks based on open standards. It has been developed as a team effort by five industry leaders, initiated by STAGETEC.

STAGENET – Developed by Five Industry Leaders


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