Network Amplifier Modules (NAM)

The Network Amplifier Modules (NAM) is a high quality, highly versatile amplifier. With 4 versions available, 2 x Indoor Units and 2 x Outdoor Units, there is a NAM for almost any requirement.
Outdoor (IP66) units can be installed in the field near the location of the speakers for Railway Stations and other outdoor venues, whilst indoor NAMs can be installed neatly in the ceiling or on a wall inside.
There are two power options available with each standard power NAM having 4 x 12 Watt RMS class D amplifier channels and the High Power (NAM-HP), 4 x 50 Watt RMS class D amplifier channels, both units have an Ethernet switch and built in DSP (EQ, FIR, delay and gain). Each amplifier has an individual Dante input allowing for simple zoning and future changes.



Fibre and Ethernet Switch

The NAM boasts a 4 port Ethernet switch (2x 1Gb Copper and 2x SFP cage) and incorporates Dante audio and AES67 / SMPTE 2110 Support. Power is provided by a 48V input which can be bussed or supplied locally using a high quality power adapter.

Inputs and Outputs

Includes Mic Input with Phantom and external 24V for Ambient Noise Sensing. 4 x Speaker Outputs with EQ, Delay, FIR and Speaker Detection on each Channel as well as Dante Monitoring of the outputs.

Hearing Loops (NAM-HP Only)

The NAM-HP Series allows for software configuration to change the NAM into a Hearing Loop Amplifier for up to two loops or a single Phased Array. Because the NAM-HP can be ordered as an outdoor IP 66 NAM, it is also possible to install the NAM-HP in the field near the loop saving the cost of the lead in cable and associated installation,


The entire NAM series can be updated over the wire for both the Dante and Software packages as well as the built in DSP.

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