Posted on October 8th, 2014

STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP is pleased to announce the debut of the XDSP signal-processing board for the NEXUS audio router. Like its predecessor, the new, re-engineered XDSP signal processing board is compact and lightweight and also offers dramatically more processing power. Equally notable, the new XDSP integrates the ISOSTEM upmix system developed by Berlin-based DSPECIALISTS.

New XDSP Board

With its processing power nearly quadrupled, the new NEXUS XDSP board opens up new possibilities for audio signal processing within the NEXUS router. With the XDSP board, up to 20 minutes delay, as many as 66 30-band equalizers, or up to 320 dynamic units can be realised per board. In order to meet the demands of the most complex applications, all signal-processing modules can be combined individually according to specific requirements. Even with its substantially improved performance, the XDSP remains compact. Like its predecessor, the XDSP requires only a single 4HP grid in a 3U Base Device, significantly boosting the efficiency and productivity of the overall system.


In a world first for NEXUS systems, the latest XDSP board integrates the ISOSTEM upmix algorithm developed by DSPECIALISTS. The ISOSTEM algorithm has been designed for applications where multichannel mixes based on stereo are part of the everyday workflow, for example, in broadcast or post-production environments. The ISOSTEM algorithm generates a perfect 5.1 mix from stereo input signals in real time and, if necessary, the mix is fully reversible. Devices that are unable to play back (or to transmit) multichannel audio will receive the original stereo signal that the multichannel mix was based on. This world exclusive method was patented for DSPECIALISTS and is available as an option with the new XDSP board.


The ISOSTEM integration in the NEXUS works with a series of factory presets. These presets generate high-quality upmixes from various sources at the press of a button, ensuring a substantial increase in productivity—for example when editing archived material in broadcast applications. Individual presets can be created using the ISOSTEM hardware version "Expert" and imported to the XDSP board.


The good news for existing NEXUS customers is that the new NEXUS XDSP signal processing board is fully backwards compatible. The XDSP board is expected to be available for Australian customers in late Q4, 2014.


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