Stagetec Beijing was Part of Anniversary Celebrations in People’s Republic of China

Stagetec Beijing was Part of Anniversary Celebrations in People's Republic of China

Posted on October 29th, 2019

On 1 October 2019 in Beijing, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China was celebrated with several ceremonies. Communist Party General Secretary, President and Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping, gave the holiday address to the nation before inspecting the formations along Chang’an Avenue. Premier Li Keqiang was the master of ceremonies and General Yi Xiaoguang was the chief commander of the parade. There were many celebrations across the whole day, including a military parade, a civilian procession, performances and fireworks.


The whole of the celebrations were broadcast live:

(Videos from CCTV You Tube Channel – CCTV中国中央电视台 – 01 October 2019.)


It was the largest military parade and mass pageant in recent Chinese history.


Stagetec Beijing was involved in the broadcast to the nation. Stagetec Beijing provided a NEXUS audio network with 6000+ digital audio signals, plus four OB Vans, four Live Studios and twelve Audio Consoles. All equipment and systems were used in all three parts of the celebration and it was an integral part of the entire broadcast system.



According to the WeChat Official Account of CCTV ‘cctvnewscentre’, the broadcast itself was the first time that CCTV used 4K and Surround Sound for a large event live broadcast. The broadcast was created using a major system with six sub systems together. The surround sound itself, was mixed from three live studios, four broadcast systems, five OB Audio Vans, twenty-four professional broadcast consoles and twenty portable consoles. The multi-channel recording used more than 300 different signals.


The celebrations were held in two big spaces, the parade area was 440 square metres and the Tian an men Area covers 240 square metres. Hundreds of microphones were used to cover the space and make a real surround sound broadcast audio signal.


To broadcast the Military Parade, for example, every array had two leaders which both used an RF microphone. There were forty-seven arrays and this required 94 channels of RF microphones just for these arrays. 

To remedy the huge delay between all of these audio signals, AoIP was used to minimise the delays and it’s the first time China has implemented AoIP in such a big and important live broadcast. The fibre cables used for the audio network were nearly 30 kilometres in total. 


Here are some of the incredible numbers associated with the event and broadcast, which took more than four months to prepare:

  • The broadcast used more than 590 kilometres of cables (including analog cables, fibres etc.).
  • More than 560 primary microphones were used (not including the redundancy microphones).
  • 161 line arrays were installed on light poles. 
  • 540 portable speakers were set-up.
  • Around one hundred audio consoles and processors were used. 

(Source: WeChat Official Account of CCTV ‘cctvnewscentre’, October 2019).


    Stagetec Beijing were thrilled to be involved in this event. The NEXUS audio network performed at its best and helped to allow people from all over China to witness this amazing spectacle that celebrated Chinese culture and history.








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