Stage Tec’s CRESCENDO platinum now with new technical highlights

Posted on May 17th, 2017

Stage Tec is set to present CRESCENDO platinum with new audio processing features at the AES in Berlin this month (booth 124). This will make CRESCENDO platinum even more powerful and users will benefit immediately. Some of the new features require the RMDQ board (Platinum DSP) and will be installed at the beginning of June with software release 4.3.

CRESCENDO platinum


CRESCENDO platinum now includes a Stage Tec developed automixer based on gain sharing. The auto mixer is fully integrated into the console and can be used on every input channel. All input channel processing functions remain available without restriction. Four buses are reserved for the automixer function enabling up to four different automix groups to be configured.


Another highlight is Loudness Metering, according to EBU R 128, which is now available in the CRESCENDO platinum sum and group channels. When the loudness function is in use, no channel capacity is lost and users can access all processing modules in the channels – an unrivalled feat. 

CRESCENDO platinum


Following in AURUS’ footsteps, every CRESCENDO platinum input channel is now equipped with a de-esser as a channel module. 


CRESCENDO platinum also offers a new feature in Scene automation. It is now possible to set blend curves and blend times individually for each channel. This function is one of the most important additions to basic scene automation. This new scene automation function will be available with the new software release without any requirement to update to the RMDQ board.


The software update also enables another important feature – scene start at a timecode. Timecode Trigger enables scene events to be called up at will.

CRESCENDO platinum


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