SMPTE 2015 Wrap Up

Posted on July 24th, 2015

SMPTE 2015


SMPTE 2015 lived up to the hype once again and was a huge success! Large crowds attended and were treated to displays of leading edge products and creative new ideas.

The STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP stand was buzzing as we introduced a range of new and updated products to the Australian market;



On Air flex with XACISMPTE 2015

ON AIR flex is an individual broadcast mixing console with a three-part design; its audio processing, user interface elements and control intelligence features are completely separate components. Some of the benefits of the ON AIR flex include; the entire system can be controlled through a virtual user interface on a PC or tablet, it is fully integrated into NEXUS and the system has intuitive operation for users with any level of experience.  More



The CRESCENDO Platinum offers new 4.0 firmware that introduces system-based A/B switching at channel strip input level and a host of substantial performance improvements. The overall system performance is more powerful; thanks to the integration of the ROSS control protocol and a revised scene automation system. More


Salzbrenner Polaris Evolution

The first fully personalised network mixing console, Polaris Evolution introduces true multi-user capability; it is highly configurable and scalable as well as offering the integration of IP networking. Its individual components are connected via a standard Ethernet network and can be set up to work with each other for every mixing project. More


DELEC unito Range

The unito family of products comprises of a number of task-specific, powerful devices for the integration of traditional audio gear into Dante audio networks. More

SMPTE 2015


DELEC RIF 1 and 2

The combination of DELEC’s oratis components and Kenwood’s NEXEDG radio systems form a unique and versatile communication system. It allows individual addressing of every communication member from either side. More


We also showcased the Dataminer Multi Vendor NMS, which is supported in Australia by STAGETEC. A big thank you to everyone who came for a look at our stand! Don’t forget if you would like further demonstrations or a trial of any equipment to contact our head office in Sydney so this can be arranged.


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