Smart Pi FSM

Smart Pi FSM

The Smart pi FSM or Fire Safety Manager is designed to comply with the EN54-16 standards and can be used to make a Smart pi ECOsystem compliant to EN54-16.
Additionally, the Smart pi FSM can be used to monitor and control audio for other standards such as the AS 60849 Sound systems for emergency purposes (IEC 60849:1998 MOD) standard in Australia.


  • Monitor a single EN54-16 Zone with Smart pi NAMs
  • Easily Configurable via built in web interface
  • Compliant for EN54-16 Standards
  • Front to back cooling ensuring maximum use of rack space, with embedded web server so no additional computer or software is required
  • LDAP / Active Directory Security Control
  • Additional monitoring modes for larger systems where EN54-16 is not required
  • Highly reliable with built in watchdog protection
  • OCA / AES70 interface for for control and integration

Front Panel

  • Power LED
  • General Alarm
  • General Fault
  • System Fault
  • Dual Power Supply Status
  • Protection Status
  • Path Status
  • Zone Status
  • Silence Button
  • Test Button
  • Reset Button

Smart pi FSM

  • Designed for EN54-16 systems
  • Monitor a single EN54-16 evacuation zone with multiple Smart pi NAMs

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