Smart Pi DSP

Smart Pi DSP

The Smart pi DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is the next generation of digital PA processor with massive audio processing ability that can support the smallest to the very largest of systems.

The Smart pi DSP is completely modular and future upgradeable via simple firmware updates. It is based on industry standards including Dante and OCA/AES70.

All configuration is managed in a simple web interface and can be externally controlled via OCA/AES70.

The hardware comes in a 1RU Node or 2RU SuperNode format being able to manage up to 384 zones in a single unit.

As with all Smart pi products, all components are high quality and industrially rated.


  • Exceptional Audio Quality and Speech Intelligibility
  • Modular system to ensure flexible installation options
  • Very easy to use and can be configured by anyone via a simple web UI
  • Front to back cooling ensuring maximum use of rack space, with embedded web server so no additional computer is required
  • LDAP / Active Directory Security Control
  • Built in Logic Engine can trigger and process calls from local and remote units via TCP/IP
  • Highly reliable, each card manages itself and can be mirrored (N+1). The Nodes use a passive backplane to ensure there is no single point of failure
  • Standards Based API using OCA / AES70 for control and integration

Audio features:

  • Fully Digital Signal Processor
  • 64 Zones Per Slot for a maximum of 384 in 2RU and 192 in 1RU
  • Each Zone has 32 Inputs (With prioritisation and mixing)
  • Echo Cancelled Ambient Noise Control (EC ANC)
  • 6 Band Parametric Equaliser
  • Compressor
  • Limiter
  • All Audio and Processing is at 24bit 48K

Dante features

  • Dante Domain Manager (DDM) Ready
  • Enhanced Dante Wide Area Support for low bandwidth and large systems.

1RU Node

  • Supports up to 3 DSP Cards and 1 I/O Card
  • A switch with up to 12 ports switch with 6 x Ethernet and 6 x SFP ports
  • Up to 192 Zones can be installed

2RU Supernode

  • Up to 24 Port Switch with 12 x Ethernet and 12 x SFP ports
  • Hot Swap Redundant Power Supplies
  • Front Panel Multi Touch Screen

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