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The ability to work all day everyday is a combination of robust software working with well specified hardware. Merging’s experience over many years has established an unrivaled reputation for reliability in live event recording. Ovation sees that experience being translated into playout to deliver the show 24/7.

Pyramix has rightfully earned its place as one of the only solutions for quality mastering for every format. The ability to process and deliver almost any file format, advanced album publishing features, Hepta SRC algorithm, full ISRC code editing, full CD/SACD authoring toolkits are just a few of the reasons why the world\’s top mastering suites use Pyramix every day.

Pyramix | Digital Audio Workstation

There are many audio workstation products available but few have the wealth of experience that is incorporated in Pyramix. There is a good reason why so many leading producers and engineers depend on Pyramix to record, edit and mix their productions. Where quality counts, Pyramix delivers more tracks of DSD and DXD than any other DAW, it offers superior editing and the highest track count, low latency mixer available. Native VS3 and VST plug-ins are there in abundance for postproduction, restoration and a multitude of audio effects.

Pyramix is the supreme mastering tool; able to accept almost any sample rate with the amazing HEPTA sample rate converter, stereo or multichannel mastering, simultaneous album publishing and the legendary sonic neutrality; it is small wonder that top mastering houses all over the world have been switching to Pyramix.

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Ovation | Audio & Event Sequencer

Ovation is a Media Server and Sequencer that is equally at home in any A/V environment or broadcast facility. Optional user interfaces, endless cue control protocols, and a WebServer JavaScript UI makes it the most adaptable cue sequencer on the market. Huge track count, ability to feed a large speaker array and mix live feeds with the pre-recorded program, make Ovation an extraordinarily flexible tool. The ability to be a show controller by itself or work seamlessly with popular show control programs and video servers, allows Ovation to be part of the most complex live events. 3D panning and a variety of plug-ins lets Ovation be a feature of your binaural or High Order Ambisonics workflow.

Broadcast Object Based Audio options include full support for ADM and MPEG-H for productions needing immersive audio content. Ovation has been an essential playout tool for many major sporting events and regardless of the application, having Pyramix in the background offers rapid cue and level modifications which can be a significant difficulty with competitive solutions.

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ANEMAN | Audio Network Manager

ANEMAN is a cross-platform and multi-vendor Audio over IP NEtwork MANager. It not only offers a comprehensive overview of your Merging network, it allows you to manage streams from other equipment from manufacturers that have joined the ANEMAN program. This intuitive application is open to any manufacturer wanting to join the program and is license free and free to download. ANEMAN has already collected a number of awards during its first year of introduction.

The Enterprise version is intended for larger networks and is sold either as a standard option with 3 years of maintenance and one day of installation and training or it can be customized to suit the client. ANEMAN offers a pragmatic solution to the set-up, management and monitoring of an AoIP network that can be integrated into an existing system and could be adapted to work with discovery and control protocols such as NMOS or AES70.

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VCube | HD Player

VCube has become a shining standard in the audio for picture world. Dubbed “The Video Tool for the Audio Operator”, VCube hosts a powerful set of functions in an easy to understand and simple to setup User Interface. Available in packs ranging from software only and reliant on the graphic card output to provide the picture, to colouring suite grade I/O for even the most demanding of environments.

VCube maintains its position as the player of choice in dubbing stages because of its reliability, ability to import different file types, huge codec support list and timeline flexibility. Now able to playback 4K and with H.264 render/wrap, VCube has kept pace with developments in workflow standards. A choice of four software packs makes sure that you can buy the right package for the right money.

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VCube | HD Player