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Welcome to the world’s finest mastering-grade networked audio interfaces: Horus, Hapi and Anubis, combining Swiss-built technology with industry-tested AES67 and RAVENNA connectivity.

Merging products have always been noted for audio fidelity and the introduction of these converters continued that tradition but with the added advantage of network signal transmission and control. The amazing transparency of the signal path is obvious at any sample rate but the Premium versions have inspired universal praise for their DSD and DXD performance.

Any stagebox needs pristine microphone preamplifiers and with remote control over the network, this is a package that suits any recording or post production environment. Ease of network management is assured with ANEMAN providing unprecedented speed and simplicity. A range of standard drivers allow these stunning converters to be the I/O for any DAW for any application.

Anubis | Professional AD/DA interface

A single product with multiple workflows. A Monitor controller that also controls your network. A Music recording hub that allows you to network a whole band or orchestra. A low latency mixer and processor with extraordinary audio quality. More features than you can believe and made in Switzerland. Would you expect anything less from Merging?

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Horus | Professional AD/DA interface

Horus was one of the first RAVENNA Networked Audio products to be introduced and rapidly gained an extraordinary reputation for sonic excellence as well as having a remarkable choice of I/O options. It is now firmly established as the essential component of any acoustic session and is available with a variety of drivers to work with any DAW.

The transparency of the microphone preamplifiers and the constantly updated A/D converters has kept Horus as the best in class for recording up to DSD256. D/A conversion is equally impressive and is the reference standard in many mastering rooms. The measurements are phenomenal but it’s the sound that counts.

The introduction of AES67 compatibility added another major plus to the impressive list of features and makes it an ideal component for broadcast applications.

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Hapi Mk II I Professional AD/DA interface

MERGING+HAPI has been a hugely popular networked audio converter and instrumental in introducing so many to the exciting world of RAVENNA/AES67. Its economical form factor made it the ideal local stagebox or studio rack unit for any application. Now is the time to build on that success with new technology and new features that still allow full interface card compatibility with the original Hapi and Horus products.

Hapi MKII utilizes the ZMAN technology introduced with Anubis and this powerful processor allows some very meaningful performance upgrades. The recent introduction of the ADA8S and ADA8P cards improved the headroom of the mic-pre inputs and effectively doubled the analog I/O count to 16 in/16 out in DSD, all in 1U rack mountable box.

Merging’s range of audio device options make Hapi the optimum interface for any DAW, regardless of OS.

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