Introducing Dante AVIO Adapters: Bringing it All Together

Dante AVIO Adaptors

Posted on April 9th, 2019

TMS Online: Bringing Technology Together

TMS Online – the online store from tm stagetec systems – now has in stock and available for purchase, Audinate’s Dante AVIO Adapters. This new product from Audinate is cost-effective, compact and reliable, it is a must have for the tool kit of every systems integrator.

Dante AVIO Adapters enable system integrators to easily connect legacy analog and digital audio equipment to Dante networks and any Dante-enabled product. Dante AVIO Adapters help leverage existing and disparate audio gear with any Dante-connected system, delivering the interoperability, performance, and scalability that only networking can bring.

  • Easily add presenter laptops to Dante networks in conference rooms with the USB adapters.


  • Legacy powered speakers and low channel count amps can now be networked with the output adapters.


  • Easily connect existing analog wireless microphones to the Dante network with the input adapter.


For more information on Audinate’s Dante AVIO Adapters or to purchase online, please visit TMS Online.