EDC Acoustics and the Pirates of Penzance at Trinity Grammar School

Posted on April 9th, 2018

Trinity Grammar School at Summer Hill in Sydney, NSW has a long history of providing its students with a rich cultural environment. Trinity’s Society of the Arts is known for offering opportunities for its students to be exposed to fine Art and Music, encouraged and fostered by some of the most passionate and expert staff in the country.


In early 2018, Trinity Grammar was searching for the right sound system and equipment to ensure that the music and stories its students were presenting could captivate the audience and be depicted with crisp, clear sound. The school was presenting performances of the classic musical, Pirates of Penzance in the 700-seat James Wilson Hogg Assembly Hall on the schools’ impressive grounds.


EDC Acoustics and tm stagetec systems offered a sound system solution to Trinity Grammar School and the high-quality results spoke for themselves. Damon Pieterse is the Audio Visual Manager at Trinity Grammar and a highly experienced professional in the audio and production fields. Mr Pieterse explained the set-up best; ‘Recently we had the opportunity to use an EDC Acoustics system for a school production of Pirates of Penzance consisting of a single EDC mid/high cabinet a side and a pair of 15 inch subs. The production took place in our Assembly Hall, a 700-seat split-level venue with a front of house operation position over 30 metres away. There were 10 omni-directional headset microphones for principle cast members, and a 31-piece orchestra performing from a pit area in front of the PA with microphones placed over each section.’


Mr Pieterse continued; ‘At first I was sceptical that a single cabinet each side would be able to provide enough even coverage for the entire venue, however after a quick tune of the system I was left speechless as I found we didn’t require any front-fill or delay speakers for clean, smooth coverage from the front seat to the back row. The ability to steer the sound both horizontally and vertically provided consistent level to every seat in the house. The gain before feedback was also astonishing. We had 10 live headsets at times in front of the PA system and often within 1 metre of the ground-stacked cabinets and did not encounter any issues throughout the production.  The results were clearly intelligible dialogue and a detailed, musical and balanced sound that subtly lifted the voices of the ensemble and orchestra with ease.’ EDC Acoustics really is leading the way in loudspeaker technology, manufacturing the world’s first Plane Array™ loudspeaker system, with computer controlled 3-Dimensional wavefront adaptation and control.


EDC plane array technology enables end users to create 3D wave fronts. Each speaker is capable of vertical and horizontal steering as well as customisable wave shaping, allowing re-configurable pattern control to suit any venue. The LRF Scan uses laser mapping of the real-world space allowing for automatic configuration of the EDC Plane Array™ system to create the perfect wave shape to suit the space.


The Plane Array™ loudspeaker system from EDC Acoustics has a unique scaling feature allowing 2-Dimensional arrays of any size to act as a single acoustic point source with variable horizontal and vertical pattern control, whilst providing coherent summation across the entire audio bandwidth. Specialised algorithms allow for full bandwidth power to every transducer, allowing for concert level Sound Pressure Levels whilst retaining acoustic audio quality similar to the characteristics of a studio monitor.


The results that EDC Acoustics systems can produce really do speak for themselves when put into any venue and the sound quality delivered at Trinity Grammar is no exception. Mr Pietersehad this to say on his experience using EDC Acoustics speakers; ‘The Trinity Grammar School production team were blown away by the performance of the sound system. The technological advancements displayed within these speakers is impressive with a sound that belies their physical footprint. Thank you to the team at EDC Acoustics, tm stagetec systems and ACC Audio Visual for their work on this production.’


With the latest patented scientific research, patented audio algorithms, advanced software control, high end digital signal processing and circuitry – EDC Acoustics’ products are setting a new standard. All EDC products are designed to the highest standard of quality and reliability and are engineered and manufactured in Australia. For more information on these speakers or Plane Array technology, please contact tm stagetec systems.



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