For the ultimate in operational flexibility and integration, Mobile PA systems allow staff to make announcements from mobile phones and computers without any additional hardware. Mobile PA also features the ability to GPS locate positions and automatically connect to the right zone.

Suitable for medium to large installations, make announcements from anywhere to anywhere.

  • Make announcements from a mobile phone to single and grouped zones
  • Listen to zones from a mobile phone
  • GPS locate a position and automatically connect to the zone (perfect for train stations)

Products Include:
VCOM Virtual Panel Software
VCOM virtual panels are integrated into the digital PA system for flexibility and portability. This allows seamless access from mobile devices including most smartphones, tablets and even windows laptops. The virtual panels can work with either standard Wi-Fi networks or connect from anywhere with an internet connection.

VCOM Server
The VCOM Virtual Server is highly scalable to thousands of users and supports virtually an unlimited number of point-to-points, group calls, and conference channels. It boasts AES-256 encryption, is fully redundant and an array of User Interfaces are available to meet specific communications requirements.

VCOM Statistics Server
The VCOM Statistics Server is a dedicated server that gathers data and analytics on the digital PA system for reporting purposes. It allows system users to understand how many announcements are being made as well as where and when.

Platform Connect (GPS location software)
This highly intuitive yet simple to operate system offers the latest technology which locates the GPS position of a device being used to access it and automatically connect to the correct zone to make an announcement.

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