Primarily for larger scale installations, these systems have the impressive ability to monitor and control an entire network or facility from a single webpage. These systems are flexible and simple to operate yet robust enough to manage network monitoring and public address across vast areas.

digital PA monitoring and management systems work well for very large installations. They have the advantage for users of simplifying maintenance and operational management.

  • Central Network Management System (CNMS) featuring DataMiner
  • IP PBX integration for paging, information and help points
  • Audio transportation for sites without network connections (4G, ISDN/PSTN)

Products Include:
DataMiner CNMS
A CNMS featuring DataMiner offers a complete professional environment to manage more efficiently and intelligently than ever before. DataMiner offers a wealth of functionality including unlimited remote web access, fault management, email and SMS notification, performance management, professional reporting, advanced automation, intelligent correlation and root cause analysis, service management, real-time SLA monitoring, user-definable KPI dashboards, spectrum monitoring, mobile access for any smart phone or tablet, and much more.

Help Points
Help Points offer commuters or other users the ability to contact the Network Operations Centre and talk with an operator or listen to automated information messages. The Help Point systems are totally configurable. Featuring VoIP integration to the PBX, CNMS and DVA, IP 65 water resistance, Power over Ethernet and a noise cancelling microphone; Help Points offer all the latest technology to communicate more effectively. Help Point systems also include Induction Loops for hearing assistance and the ability to customise housings.

IP PBX integration is included in these systems for paging, information and help point communication. This technology takes advantage of the benefits of allowing audio and control to travel over the same IP network.

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