Induction Loop and TCoil
Offering the ability to incorporate TCoil and induction loops into PA systems to broadcast announcements for the hearing impaired. These functions seamlessly integrate into the digital PA system, the CNMS and Audio Matrix.

  • Industry standard TCoil induction loops fully integrated to the digital PA system
  • Seamless integration into the CNMS and Audio Matrix

Products Include:
Williams Sound PLAD series of Induction Loop Amplifiers
These high-quality induction loop systems readily transmit the spoken word directly and clearly to a listener's hearing aid equipped with a T-coil. The Digi-Loop's network-control capability provides seamless, remote system set-up, operation and monitoring via laptop or tablet. DSP audio processing offers flexible, powerful software control of mixing, equalization, compression and more. Powerful Class D, pulse-width amplifiers maximize efficiency.

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