Delec Commentary and Dante – Powerful and Flexible

Posted on October 29th, 2015

Delec’s oratis commentary system can be set up to accommodate up to 350 commentator terminals on a network — each allowing up to three commentators.

oratis Commentator Terminal


User-friendly commentator terminals are connected directly to a premium audio router which also acts as an I/O matrix. The components of the system are networked over standard Gigabit Ethernet cabling with redundancy built-in and can also be integrated into existing network infrastructure.


Dante logo cropAnother fantastic feature of this commentary system is that by adding a Dante Card to the MF4 Frame, the entire system gains access to and from all Dante devices. With the additional bandwidth across the commentary panel’s fibre, it is possible to tunnel Dante to devices located with the commentators without the need for any further equipment.

DELEC Commentary System1


Be it a commentator terminal or a full matrix frame — each module can be replaced or even added during operation. This allows for system extensions and full reconfiguration without the need for a reboot. Even very large oratis systems such as installations for international sport events remain flexible, versatile, and maintainable. More on Delec’s oratis commentary system.





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