Australian Defence Force has a New Application for the DIO

Posted on March 5th, 2018

When tm stagetec systems designed the DIO as the ‘army knife for audio’ they were not envisaging the real Australian Defence Force having an application for the product. However, that is precisely what has occurred and the team at tm stagetec systems is excited to find that this Australian designed product has an ever-widening range of uses.


tm stagetec systems was first approached by Dexata (a supplier of analytic and systems integration capabilities) about the DIO and its functionality in 2014. After further discussions, it was found that the DIO did have the capabilities required for the Defence Force project being undertaken.


Whilst not disclosing specifics, the project broadly involves experimental testing of military equipment at a large Defence Force test location. The role of the DIO in the project was to synchronise the audio time code between instruments on the Defence Force site. During military tests and exercises, instruments having precise times for operations and analytics is of the utmost importance.


The system was set up so that one DIO input the time code and then transmitted it via fibre over a long distance with no loss of quality. This signal was received by another DIO, which changed the time code back to an audio signal to be transmitted to equipment.


With today’s advanced military weaponry, testing may be required over extremely large distances and this presents the usual kinds of challenges in communications, particularly in precision timing for flexible infrastructure. The DIO was used as it could overcome these distance issues for the Defence Force and still retain the integrity of the signal.


A number of DIOs were successfully used for this project and the team at tm stagetec systems are thrilled to have had our product involved. tm stagetec systems is looking forward to finding inventive and helpful new ways to use the DIO in the future.


More on the DIO

DIO stands for Dante™ Input/Output and it has an impressive range of tools and converters. It boasts a 2 port Ethernet switch (1x 1Gb Copper and 1x SFP cage – allowing for various fibre or copper connections), Dante™ audio, AES Input and Output, Mic Input, Line Input, Line Output, Headphone Output with external volume control and 2 x GPIO. The DIO is powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) or runs via an external PSU. Redundancy is provided between both power sources. Contact us for more information.

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