AURUS Platinum Unveiled

Posted on December 9th, 2014

The successor to STAGETEC’s flagship AURUS mixing console, the AURUS Platinum, has been unveiled at this year’s Tonmeistertagung convention in Germany. AURUS Platinum represents STAGETEC’s most powerful tool for live mixing and production including a new touchpad, freshly updated user interface and new central functions for fast and effective workflow.

AURUS Platinum

The new design includes a flat meter bridge with high-contrast screens for excellent readability from all angles. AURUS Platinum offers new functions, including the ISOSTEM automatic upmix algorithm, a clearly laid out matrix mixer and de-essers in the channel strips. The console also improves on familiar features such as scene automation and the spill function, deep integration into NEXUS with an expanded network view and NEXUS DSP modules embedded in the AURUS Platinum signal flow.


22 rotary encoders per channel strip and up to 96 control strips with real-time switching and display enable direct access to all channels and parameters. To achieve the best audio quality possible, the AURUS Platinum offers noiseless, patented microphone inputs, high-precision calculations of all DSP and mixing functions and phase locked processing of multi-channel signals.


Additional features include DAW integration, parallel usage of meter bridge screens for displaying external signals and extensive control options. AURUS Platinum provides sophisticated features and functions for a wide range of applications.


For more information on the AURUS Platinum, please contact the STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia Head Office.


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